Fairy Wand Massagers

The Fairy series Japanese wand massager vibrator is one of the best wand massager vibrators available today. The series features 6 different wand products that range from the brand new and very small Fairy Baby, to the original Japanese Denma, the Fairy Wand Massager. All massager vibrators are designed and manufactured within Japan, with a singular focus on quality over quantity.


There are attachments and accessories for nearly every Fairy massager vibrator size, and although traditionally for women, Love Merci has even created accessories for the men!  You can see the overview of those attachments HERE.


All products carry a 1 year warranty against manufacturer’s defect through Love Merci North America (MerciToys.com) and are only available through authorized retailers.



Fairy Baby Vibrator
Fairy Baby – 12,500 RPM in a vibrator measuring only 2.75″ long.
Fairy Lithium Charge Massager Vibrator Fairy Lithium Charge
Fairy Mini II – Rechargeable and powerful, this is the cordless version of the famous Fairy Mini. AKA Fairy Lithium Charge Massager Vibrator.
Fairy Mini Massager Vibrator
Fairy Mini – Our most popular massager until the Mini II arrived. This compact wand massager vibrator is compact and easy to handle with a powerful variable motor.
Fairy MiniMini Massager Vibrator
Fairy MiniMini – The super compact version of the Fairy series that comes with a battery pack case for portability without sacrificing power.
Fairy Pocket Mini Massager Vibrator
Fairy Pocket Mini – The smallest Fairy series wand massager until the Fairy Baby arrived this year. Rechargeable and compact.
Fairy Denma Massager Vibrator
Fairy Denma- The original Fairy wand massager vibrator that started it all.